The Chris Watson Band is an exciting and unique blend of Jazz, Blues, Rock, Folk and World music.

Chris Watson formed his band in 2012, originally as a studio band to record his ground-breaking jazz/rock musical, Earthman. Chris says of that time, "It was clear from the outset that there was a special connection between the musicians. There was a spark and an energy; something intangible that went far beyond gelling well as a unit - almost into the realms of primal connection".

It is not surprising that Chris felt this way considering he was 8 years old when he first met the Bass player Bruno Urciuoli. Bruno was auditioning for the vacant guitar job in my fathers dance band. I should have been in bed but I sneaked into the top stair to watch & listen to the proceedings. Bruno didn't get the job that night  but a decade later I gave him a job playing for me. He has stayed with me  more or less ever since!

When Chris was 15 he auditioned for a solo guitar job in a night club restaurant. The clubs entertainment management was drummer Eddy Cavanagh. The job branched out into Sunday afternoon Jazz Sessions with Eddy on drums & with larger ensembles. "We backed cabaret artists and provided any live music the club required. It was a tremendous experience for a young player.

Chris first met percussionist Martin Bright in the early 90's whilst they were both teaching at Peterborough Regional College. Over the years we have taken many workshops together and been on the faculty of a number of institutions. We also performed many gigs together  including a memorable occasion at the Banqueting hall in Whitehall where King Charles I was beheaded. Luckily we managed to get out unscathed.

Chris first met Sax player Dave Lewis in the Tommy Chase Band in the early 1990's.
"We were travelling up & down the motorways in an old Bedford Van. Eating in greasy spoons & motorway services and just about breaking even. We would be playing in Newcastle one night, Belfast the next and a lunchtime gig in London the following day. I am still trying to catch up on my sleep now! (Says Chris)

With this depth of history and past association in the band, it is small wonder that the group achieves such an empathy and intensity. The Chris Watson Band is able to impose its unique identity on Chris' stylistically rich compositions. A highlight of the Bands live performances is the appearance on stage of singer Laurette Evelyn. Laurette's purity of tone and natural musicality lends itself perfectly to Chris' songwriting style. 

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